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The Daily Gopher Fix 8.29.08

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The timing of the Rivals final 2008 "enrolled" recruiting rankings should add fuel to the discussion on recruiting.  The rankings have to be revised a half year after signing day because they need adjusted for those with NCAA Clearinghouse issues and those who just do not meet enrollment standards.

The bad news.  With the losses of Gray, Reeves and Vincent Hill from the original class the Gophers dropped from 17th to 35th according to Rivals.  Those were some significant players that were expected to either contribute soon or be something to build the future on.  The Gophers dropping in the rankings is meaningless but what I found interesting was that nearly every school in the top 25 had trouble getting a player or two on to the roster.

#2 (formerly #1) Alabama - lost several including a 4-star DT.
#3 Florida - lost 4-star S
#4 Ohio State - lost 3-star DT
#5 Miami - lost 4-star OL, 3-star LB, 2-star DB
#7 Georgia - lost 4-star DE
#8 Florida State - lost three including 4-star DB
#9 Michigan - lost 4-star LB
#10 Clemson - lost JUCO DE
#11 USC - lost 4-star DT, 4-star OL and 3-star RB

There were many more but that is nine of the top 11 schools who lost players.  Overall only three teams in the top 28 got their entire class in uniform. 

What does this mean?  Is his a great excuse for Brewster and Gopher fans?  No, we should strive for more than this.  We should always strive to get the best athletes who will also be good students.  As for me, I am fairly new to all of this and it shows me that we are not alone.  Everybody loses players, some more than others.  Overreacting and assuming Brewster is the only one bringing in academically at risk kids you are kidding yourself.

  • As if the joy of getting to see the the fruits of my typing wasn't enough, you can now listen to my voice!  Lars at asked me to participate in their podcast and you can hear it all HERE.
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  • Mediacom and BTN have come to an agreement.  I already have DirecTV so whoop dee doo.
  • Someone tell Ruesse to spruce up his resume.  The Chicago Sun Times is looking for a new columnist.  Jay Mariotti is leaving the Sun Times and nobody seems to care.  Roger Ebert calls him a rat and those in the White Sox dugout viewed him as a coward.
  • This guy is seriously confused or something.  He submits his weekend picks for what would seem to the rest of us to be a very random group of teams.  Anyway, he picks the Gophers to win on Saturday 31-21.