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The Daily Gopher Fix 8.30.08 - special Game Day edition

This may not be a regular feature (we are making this up as we go), but there are a handful of worthwhile links to check out as you prepare yourself for kickoff tonight.

Before kickoff, I'll kickoff today's Fix with a Pioneer Press story on Brewster's growth from season one to season two and what was maybe learned along the way.

Maturi talked about about changing the attitude of the program.

"We need to know we can win, not just hope. It's not just skill and talent. It's a mind-set. The thing we need to do is change the culture here. That's not an easy thing to do."

This is true.  Brewster is trying to change the mindset, that is undeniable.  Whether or not he's pushing the right buttons or going to be successful is what we are all looking to find out this year.

Mike Sherels who graduated after Brewster's first season felt that Coach grew during the season.

"He called the captains in for a meeting," Sherels said. "He asked us, 'How could I reach you guys? How could we better serve you?' That was something we hadn't seen from coaches at that point. We were full of suggestions that I don't think I'll share, but that was a good thing to see. Even better was when we went to practice the next day and saw the things we talked about being used with players. He took it to heart and applied it to what he was doing.

"Coach has a real intense style and demands a lot from his players. He'll never stop preaching Rose Bowls and Big Ten titles, but he's starting to mix his distinct style with head coaching experience. I think he's shown tremendous growth."

That is two paragraphs and one "tremendous."  Obviously Sherels learned a little something from his former coach. 

  • KARE 11 has video of Brewster answering their 11 questions.  Brewster was amazed by a deep fried candy bar but was unwilling to call it tremendous.
  • Iowa blogger Storminspank's Hawkeye Ramblings has Eight Audacious Big Ten Prognostications.  Stormingspank tried to deflect any coaching hot seat rumors away from Kirk Ferentz and he tries to put Brewster on it.
    Timmy wanted to bolster his defense, so he hired an assistant coach away from the football powerhouse named Duke. Let me repeat that. Tim Brewster, head coach of Minnesota, wanted to improve his team, so he hired someone from DUKE. DUKE! Well done, sir. Of all the Big Ten coaches, I would pick Brewster over anyone else to get the axe.
  • Osseo forward, Sam Dower has the Gophers on a short list but is making a trip to Marquette this weekend.  I don't think this is anything to alarmed about as he is trying to find the best fit for him and wants to make an informed decision.
  • Kent  Youngblood also talks about Brewster's growth as a head coach. 
    That said, experience can't help but make a person better, and last year Brewster experienced a lot. Injuries and off-the-field incidents depleted talent. The 1-11 inauguration of the Brewster era included three overtime games. So we'll see Saturday how Brewster emerged from a season that, frankly, he's not interested in discussing much any more.
    Let's hope Brewster did learn some lessons and will have his team better prepared to win some games this year.