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Post game off the cuff thoughts...

What a game.  I am jacked that they got the W, but not as encouraged as I was hoping.

These are just my quick thoughts post game.  As I get a chance to watch it, read quotes and contemplate how I feel about it, but these are my quick thoughts...Niu___min_medium

  • What a gutsy call on 4th and 1.  That would have been second guessed for the rest of the season had they missed it.
  • NIU clearly made the better adjustments at half time and that concerns me more than anything else. 
  • The defense was better.  Statistically they did alright in the first half and then second half did great on first and second down.  But third and long was unbearable. 
  • Weber to Decker is a solid combination.
  • Somebody point out how much we used the TE to Haggeman.  Simmons with a huge TD and Tow-Arnett had two receptions on the final drive. 
  • I am glad we got the win under out belt and it is probably beneficial to finish off a close game.  But just about everybody we play from here on out will be better, which means we'll have to play much better to get a couple more Ws.