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The Daily Gopher Fix 9.11.08

ESPN's Andy Katz informed Wednesday that basketball coach Tubby Smith is happy as ever as head man at the U.

Minnesota coach Tubby Smith sounded relaxed and even more at ease as he begins his second year in Minneapolis this season. And he's not shying away from discussing the potential of the Gophers.


"I'm comfortable here, comfortable with the players, comfortable with the situation," the former Kentucky coach said. "We can compete for Big Ten championships and national championships. Minnesota has the potential to do that and has done it before in getting to the Final Four. It can be done."

Smith went on to defend the much-maligned non-conference schedule by pointing to the departures of three seniors and the relative youth of the team.

The schedule issue aside, isn't it nice to have our basketball coach talking in a straightforward and confident manner about winning big at Minnesota?

  • The New York Times' blog The Quad quotes Tim Brewster offering Adam Weber high praise. “I couldn’t imagine another quarterback in the country playing any better than Adam Weber right now through two weeks,” Brewster said. “He’s just been nothing short of amazing. His calmness under duress, his management of the game, he’s just doing all the things that a great leader has to do at the position.” He's been good, but no QB has played better in the country?
  • Brewster's recruiting coordinator Dan Berezowitz tells Charley Walters that the recruiting pitch hasn't changed, but has been aided by the 2-0 start. "Our recruiting plan is the same as it's been, but two victories gives you some credibility to promises you're making," recruiting coordinator Dan Berezowitz said Tuesday. "We're recruiting the same way, (emphasizing) the new stadium next year, the university, the direction we're going, the exciting offensive style, the aggressive defensive style. Our plan is to recruit great players, good character kids who love football and make plays on the field."
  • It amazes me how obsessed some North Dakota State fans are at the prospect of playing the Gophers again in football. A columnist covering NDSU made called the NDSU AD recently to see what's up. "Are we talking? Yes. Is there a contract? No. Are they still looking looking for some balance in their schedule? Yes. Is there anything concrete yet? No." Taylor said."
  • The Star Tribune reports the Gophers must adjust to the loss of Duane Bennett. Indeed. Kent Youngblood also reports in the article Brewster isn't inclined to go with a running back by committee approach. For now, Shady Salamon, DeLeon Eskridge, Jay Thomas and Kevin Whaley have all been taking practice reps with the first team.
  • Jonathan at From the Barn gives his way too early breakdown of the basketball schedule. 21-9, 11-7 with a loss at home to Cornell. Not a huge stretch. Cornell is the Ivy League champion.