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Glen Mason Is A Buckeye -- Thank God

The latest reason to be thankful that Joel Maturi dismissed Glen Mason comes to us via Dennis Brackin in the Star Tribune. Turns out, the man who made up excuses for his ineptitude by the minute will be doing color commentary for Minnesota's Big Ten opener at Ohio State. And .... Mason will be a honorary captain at the game.

For the team he coached to mediocrity for years? Nah. Instead, he'll be honored by Ohio State, the team he always wanted to coach. The very fact that Don't Blame Me Mason accepted this opportunity, when OSU is facing the Gophers, during his first opportunity to call a game the Gophers are in should tell us what we already knew: Mason will slap the U of M, its students and its supporters in the face at any opportunity.

And, yes, I know, Mason is an OSU alum. That's great. The Buckeyes can have him.

I can't wait for this game. I've been stating for two weeks that OSU was not very good. They showed that versus Ohio University. They were embarrassed for about the 10th straight time against a national power on Saturday night. I honestly think this will be a closer game then people think.  It's really too bad this game isn't in Minnesota. I'm sure we could orchestrate some Fire Mason chants.