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Sam Maresh cleared to work out

More great news for the Maresh family.  What was once feared to be a career ending and life threatening injury has turned into a one year setback for the former four-star LB and the top defensive recruit in Brewster's first full class. 

From the Pioneer Press...

Next I will give you the good news. I will not be seeing Dr. Allison any more…He has given me his final advice, in fact he told me it’s time for me to start working harder. I have no heart murmur, my valve is working perfectly.

Time to start working harder!  He isn't allowed to do power cleans yet but he can begin heaving lifting and squats.  Just incredible considering he is just weeks removed from open heart surgery. It gets better...

I have to wait one more month to start cleaning, but all other lifts I can start increasing the weight. He told me to get back in shape and RUN. He told me that I could start working out with the team, actually start hitting the dummies and work on my punching, striking, and ripping technique. He told me not full contact and no player to player contact yet. I told him that I am gray shirting and explained to him that I actually can’t do that yet anyway

No player to player contact is understandable, but the kid is going to start working out like a football player.  There is still a long time before spring ball or the 2009 season but it appears as though there is no reason he won't be working out full strength by spring practice.  It gets better...

He then went on to tell me that he believed that the brake my body and mind have had from competing will have more beneficial effects then negative. He told me that I am doing so well that if I would have had the surgery one month earlier I possible would have been playing right now and if it would have been two months earlier I would have played this year.

Are you kidding?  A spring open heart surgery and he would have been playing by now?  Incredible. 

The letter linked above gives greater detail about how he is healing and what more the doctor had to say, but this is truly an incredible story.  Imagine Sep. 12th, 2009 and Sam Maresh leading the team out of the tunnel.  Goose bumps as I type.

Maresh goes on to praise the current team and gives this call out to Gopher fans.

Call me crazy go ahead but i believe in this team just like all of you should.

Remarkable, incredible, tremendous and outstanding.  I can't wait to see Maresh out there as he will instantly be my favorite player in maroon and gold.