4-0, It's the Big Ten Opener... How Pumped Are You?

Last  week, I was only super pumped for the FAU game.  After watching the Gophers put forth a complete game and dismantle the Burrowing Owls 37-3 (a game I thought would be a shootout), the Maroon and Gold has given me every reason to believe that Saturday's tilt vs. Ohio State will be competitive. 

It reminds me of the time that TAD was so pumped that he lit Scrap Iron's Ohio State Flag on fire.  That got Scrappy so pumped that he took H. Sailor's Florida (the state, not the university flag) and Lloyd's Minnesota flag and threw them in a mud puddle behind 253 Ridge and stomped on them.  Boy was he pumped!

Lloyd and I will have a practice tailgate this weekend in preparation for the arrival of Kelly Leeks for the IU game.  We'll focus on side dishes and beverages, since Leeks is going to be preparing the main course next week.

So... In honor of my very first night in State College, PA when I was witness to a burning Ohio State flag (which led to me getting really pumped up for a football game the next day), I ask...



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