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Golden Nuggets for 9.29.08

I received a couple emails over the weekend telling me the sky was falling. The Gophers football team demonstrated Saturday that they are what everyone thought they were. ... a bottom-level Big Ten team. So I'm told.

After one loss to a perennial national title contender that was fairly competitive in the first half--but made to look less so because of turnovers--some Gophers fans are ready to throw in the towel and look begin counting the days for when Don Lucia's and Tubby Smith's teams begin their season (Aside: We have a hockey writer!!! Tony O will be bringing you puck coverage. Rejoice!).

Well, if you're view of college football is national title, Big Ten championship or bust, then, yes, begin looking ahead. But if you're interested in watching a team that could well be a top five team in the Big Ten, that is very, very young and is capable of building momentum heading into a new stadium next year, then stay tuned.

While I was one of many who noticed how lackadasical Ohio State had looked, they are still the team to beat in the conference. So, a loss in Columbus isn't shocking or the end of the world.

It's a new week. We can beat Indiana, and Tim Brewster can get his first conference win.

  • And if you're looking ahead to basketball, some good news. Rodney WIlliams is going to be a Gopher. We covered the announcement below.
  • Our Honor Defend writes that the first three quarters of the Gophers-OSU game were closer than the score indicated. And that's a much different perspective than the Star Tribune writers (Reusse and Youngblood) gave. "The 20-3 halftime lead for the Buckeyes doesn’t do justice to how competive Minnesota was in the first half and parts of the second half.  Factor out Minnesota’s turnover-happy first half and perhaps the game has an entirely different complexion at intermission."
  • Columbus Dispatch writer Ken Gordon agreed that Brewster and the Gophers had reason to be upset over the Jack Simmons fumble call.
  • At least we're not Wisconsin! The Badgers went into Michigan as obvious favorites. They built a first half lead. They choked the game away. The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel quotes players calling the game embarrassing. Unfortunately, the 19 point Michigan comeback is only the Wolverines second biggest all-time. Thank you Glen Mason.