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Blog Poll v6.1 - Week 5

The last couple polls were pretty easy to compile, at least 1-20 were pretty easy.   Then all hell broke loose on Thursday, which carried over into Saturday.

To start with was going to jab a frequent commenter who had issues with my ranking of Oklahoma at number one last week. 

I can’t take any poll seriously when you don’t even have the number one ranked team right. USC is head and shoulders above the field, there is no Vince Young to save the day. Too many athletes, USC will cruise to the National Title.

I was going to ask him what he thinks of my poll now, but Narby was mature enough to recognize that I am a brilliant pollster and he should never have questioned me. :)

Let me apologize for my earlier remark. Wow, was I wrong and I love it.

I'm just kidding around with Narby, as I encourage and welcome comments.  This is what makes college football so much fun.  There are a myriad of opinions and the games are always just crazy enough to avoid any sort of consensus.  I love it too, Narby.  Without further gloating, please check out my poll below!

Rank Team Delta
1 Oklahoma --
2 Alabama 7
3 Missouri 1
4 LSU 2
5 Penn State 8
6 Texas 2
7 Southern Cal 5
8 South Florida 1
9 Georgia 6
10 Ohio State 1
11 Florida 6
12 Brigham Young --
13 Texas Tech 1
14 Kansas 3
15 Utah 3
16 Wisconsin 6
17 Boise State 4
18 Auburn 2
19 Vanderbilt 5
20 Wake Forest 5
21 Oregon 4
22 California --
23 Connecticut 3
24 Northwestern 2
25 Virginia Tech 1


Dropped Out: Clemson (#16), East Carolina (#19), Minnesota (#23).

Please give me your thoughts as I have until Tuesday night to amend my poll.