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The Daily Gopher Fix 9.5.08

After this post, I'm ignoring Patrick Reusse. I'm not going to link to the Star Tribune's columnist again until he demonstrates a semblance of balance in his columns.

As it is now, Reusse is simply looking for a reason, any reason, to bash the University. This time, he takes Joel Maturi and Robert Bruininks to task for giving Pam Borton an extension and for Maturi himself receiving a two-year extension.

His reasoning, mostly inane: Dan Monson wasn't fired soon enough (Pat, this worked out when we landed Tubby), the new basketball coach's schedule is too soft (what?!?), Glen Mason was fired after a Texas Tech comeback (I'll give Pat this criticism) and a number of women's basketball players left the University a few years back under Pam Borton.

Borton is 2 1/2 years removed from a mass defection of players that forced Maturi to order an investigation. This wasn't exactly Ken Starr looking into Whitewater, and the results were whitewashed to the AD's satisfaction.

OK, Pat, fair enough. It was curious that a number of Borton's players defected. But instead of alleging a "whitewash," perhaps you could do us all a service and report what exactly Maturi allegedly hid. Until that happens, the above pull-quote is nothing other than bashing for the sake of attention.

On second thought, maybe I will continue to chronicle the STrib's columnist, and when he decides to make damning allegations without substance, I'll dub that a Reusse Reach.

And if you're thinking that Reusse is incessantly negative simply with his Gophers coverage, guess again. From the excellent Vikings blog Pacifist Viking just last month:

Reusse is your typical bitter arrogant sports writer, with one strange feature--he seems to love insulting fans. He seems particularly to delight in making fun of Viking fans. And I've scoured the Lexis-Nexis for Reusse's columns to find the evidence (all quotes are from the Star Tribune via Lexis-Nexis).

First of all, here are a few nouns Reusse has used to describe all or some Viking fans: "Purple fanatics," "Purple Faithful," "zealots," "MMWs (Monday Morning Whiners), "Purple loyalists," "goofballs," "ungrateful louts."

There is only one conclusion to draw from Reusse's writing. He isn't a good enough columnist to garner interest from readers unless he attacks them, something he knows is sure to raise the ire from the fans and vicariously Web hits on his otherwise below-average columns.