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Blog Poll v3.1

This week of college football had pretty weak match ups throughout the top 25.  I dropped Ohio State a little, but their position will be solidified after their USC game on Saturday. 

The rest of the poll was finagled a little, most notably I dropped Clemson for no real good reason.  I probably should have dropped them more last week after getting monkey-stomped by Bama in week one.  East Carolina absolutely had to get ranked this week after beating ranked teams on the road to start the season.

I am extremely confident in my top nine.  After that I am pretty confident in the rest of the teams in the poll but they could be in a very different order depending on the day.  Don't even start with BYU, I know they are ranked in the other polls and they beat a BCS team, but it was ugly and Washington is not a bowl team.  Had a few other teams lost they could sneak in as they are on my radar, but the win did not inspire me.

Rank Team Delta
1 Oklahoma --
2 Georgia 1
3 Southern Cal 1
4 Ohio State 2
5 Florida --
6 Missouri --
7 LSU --
8 Texas --
9 Alabama --
10 South Florida --
11 Texas Tech --
12 Auburn --
13 Wisconsin --
14 Wake Forest 1
15 Arizona State 2
16 Oregon 2
17 Penn State 2
18 California 3
19 East Carolina 7
20 Clemson 4
21 Kansas 1
22 Florida State 2
23 UCLA 1
24 Tennessee 1
25 Utah --


Dropped Out: West Virginia (#14).

That is the poll in all of it's glory.  Pick it apart before I have to officially submit it on  Tue night.