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The Daily Gopher Fix 9.9.08

The Bowling Green News can't get over the thorough domination Tim Brewster's team put on the Falcons. Quote below, but first, I want to try and temper some of the enthusiasm with a caveat.

We would be well served to remember that Bowling Green committed five turnovers and was right in the game when Minnesota capitalized in the 4th quarter. Tyler Sheehan, for most of the game, did as he pleased. There was seldom pressure put on Sheehan, despite reports that indicate Ted Roof's 3-4 defense was responsible for a different outcome.

It was an unexpected lopsided win. And we should keep our expectations realistic. That said,  the Big Ten, aside from Penn State and Wisconsin, look completely abysmal. There's no reason this team can't win five or more games this season.

Head coach Gregg Brandon said the Gophers looked much more comfortable with their game plan than a year ago when both teams met in Minneapolis.

"I thought they were a little better going in," Brandon said. "I thought they were better offensively because they had a year in their system. And they were much faster defensively than they were last year."

  • Following up on my point above. ... Sid Hartman talked to Tim Brewster and the coach is taking a cautious approach. This is to be lauded. Many of us who were live blogging here Saturday night expected a string of superlatives. Not so.  "We've still got a long way to go to improve as a football team." Indeed.
  • As noted in the comments below, another of Tubby's 2009 targets has committed to a team not named Minnesota. Torin Walker, a 6'9 power forward from Georgia, has committed to Oklahoma State. Walker is the fourth player in the last two days--joining Mike Broghammer (Notre Dame), Sam Dower (Gonzaga) and Trevor Williams (Colorado State). The Gophers showed mild interest in Broghammer an came to the Dower sweepstakes late. No huge surprise they went elsewhere, but the pickings are becoming slim for Tubby to fill out his 2009 class. The Gophers really need Rodney Williams to take Royce White's advice and help restore the Gophers to the top of the Big Ten.
  • Marcus Fuller of the PiPress reports the obvious: "Duane Bennett's injury could be blow to Minnesota Gophers football team." Other than that explosive tidbit, nothing major reported here. Brewster still hasn't commented as to the severity of the injuries to Bennett, Nedward Tavale or Jeff Tow-Arnett. We expect updates today.
  • Seat cushions made good frisbees for disgruntled Bowling Green fans reports the Minnesota Daily.
  • New SBN blog The Rivalry, Esq. (Michgan v. Ohio State) "salutes" Brewster's Gophers.
  • And finally, as a personal request for my blogging brother GN. Don't cower from potential MGO reprecussions, the football Gophers deserve a vote for #25 in the country from this here corner of the Internets for BlogPoll. Do us proud, GN!!!!! I mean, how many chances have we had to make any sort of argument in favor of Minnesota's inclusion?!?!