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Duane Bennett Out For Season

Via the STrib this afternoon, it's official. Duane Bennett is gone for the season after suffering a knee injury on screen play durin the win at Bowling Green Saturday night.

Bennett was a steady hand in the backfield and was extremely efficient catching the ball (100 yards receiving versus the Falcons). Running backs Jay Thomas (junior who is recovering from an injury that cost him the 07 season) and freshman Shady Salamon and DeLeon Eskridge will have to pick up the load.

Center Jeff Tow-Arnett is also out for at least some time with a knee injury. Guard Ned Tavale should play this week according to reports.

So, who do you want to see be the main man at running back now? This is bad news right at a time when many were starting to think this Gophers team could win enough games to become bowl eligible.