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Game Thread: Penn State at #19 Minnesota

This should be a very interesting match-up with two 2-1 teams squaring off in the Big Ten. Minnesota's schedule gets very road-heavy in the weeks to come after this, so a win today is mightily important.

At home, this is a game Minnesota needs to win.

Matchup I'll be watching: Jamelle Cornley v. Colton Iverson/Raph Sampson III/Damian Johnson.

We'll see who Tubby Smith asks to man up against the aggressive and thick Cornley. He can be a force on the glass and presents a different kind of match-up then Minnesota's big men have yet faced. He'll try to back down our big men and score inside.

While the Big Ten Network is promoting Talor Battle v. Al Nolen (and rightfully so), I'll be more interested in how our big men handle Cornley.

Tip is 2:30 central time. I'll see you in the comments.