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Golden Nugz for 1-12-08 Announces the Caption Contest Winner

Remember when we had a caption contest? Yeah, we hardly remember it either. But fret not, we did pick winners.

Here's a link to that post with all of the wonderful captions to the picture of Kansas head man Mark Mangino and Minnesota coach Tim Brewster sporting their respective looks in New York.


Here were the finalists followed by the winner. The winner has been notified.

#4 - by Tubtastic
"Why yes, Mark, I do find vertical stripes to be slimming."

#3 - by goldybobblehead
Where 31 point rallies happen.

#2 - Freealonzo
New Line Pictures introduces Mark Mangino and Tim Brewster as the lead actors in its new Laurel and Hardy movie.

And drum roll please!!!!! Your caption contest winner is ....

#1 - by JG2112
Mark Mangino: "Take the picture, quick. I'm renting this suit by the inch."
Tim Brewster: "Take the picture, quick. I took this suit from Michael Irvin's dressing room."

Congratulations. When we have more goodies to give away, we'll do this again.

  • Our review of the Gophers dominating win over Penn State is below, and the Pioneer Press also took the Devron Bostick/Paul Carter angle. If both can continue to play like this, this Gophers team could actually be dangerous late into the season.
  • Sticking with the PiPress, I enjoyed this line: "If baloney were snow Tim Brewster would be a blizzard." Very creative!
  • It was not a good weekend for the men's hockey team. GopherPuckLive has more.
  • Tim Brewster is denying offering the offensive coordinator job to Oklahoma QB coach Josh Heupel.

Not much else today. I didn't get to this until late at night. Please feel free--as always--to add links in the comments that you see.