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Rankings Ratings and Rantings

For the fun of it I thought I'd throw out a snapshot of where the Gopher's are ranked in various polls.  Each ranking and rating has a different method of calculation and all of them are meaningless.

Minnesota National Rank Minn rank among B10 Teams Brief Description of Ranking
AP 18 2 72 media votes
ESPN/USA Today 17 2 31 coach's votes
KenPom Rank 47 3 efficiency stats, more of a predictor
RPI 20 3 complicated NCAA formula using SOS and record vs. other top teams
Lundardi RPI 5 1 Joe Lunardi's tweak of the RPI
Sagarin 33 6 Computer ranking similar to RPI but different!
Blog Poll 21 2 some of the most brilliant college basketball minds collaborating for a prestigious top 25

Clearly we can all agree that the Lunardi RPI is the most accurate representation of who the best teams are in the country.  I am one who finds these rankings to be interesting and fun to talk about.  Getting your team ranked is valuable for discussions at the bar and on the surface level comparing team x to team y.  But we all know this means very little on January 12th.  Even the rankings on March 15th (selection Sunday) do not mean a whole heck of a lot as teams that are media or coach ranked can and do miss out on the NCAA tournament. 

What stands out to me is we average out to be the #2 ranked team in the conference.  I realize that Purdue is struggling and Wisconsin is anything but unbeatable but I just do not feel as though this team is destined to have the #2 seed in the conference tournament. 

I think I've said it before, I'll say it now and I'll probably say it many times again.  I really like this Gopher team but I just do not see them as a Sweet 16 caliber team.  On the surface I see this team one that doesn't make it to the second weekend of the tourny.  It is realy impossible to predict something like this and foolish to try because matchups and results of the other games will ultimately mean more than anything else.  But I'll stick to my guns that "on the surface" this is not a Sweet 16 caliber team (this year). 


Each week I have been voting in the college hoops blog poll.  Rarely have I posted my ballot or the end result.  But below is my ballot for you to pick apart. 

Duke 1
Pittsburgh 2
Wake Forest 3
North Carolina 4
Oklahoma 5
Connecticut 6
Michigan State 7
Clemson 8
Syracuse 10
Gonzaga 11
Texas 12
Notre Dame 13
Georgetown 14
Purdue 15
Arizona State 16
Marquette 17
Xavier 18
Minnesota 19
Baylor 20
Villanova 21
Butler 22
Illinois 23
Louisville 24
Wisconsin 25

Now rant...