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Golden Nuggets for 01.14.09

The late edition, if you didn't see the early edition that maybe you need upgrade your subscription.  In case you didn't know for the right price (made payable to me) you can get original content sent directly to your e-mail.  The right price might have to be enough for us to quit working, so if you are unwilling to pay then you'll get the Nugz when PJS is heallthy or whenever I get up to do them.

Here is a quick rundown of quality links to get you though this frigid weather.

  • There is a new Badger blog out in the blogsphere.  Bucky's fifth quarter kicked off and hopes to lock down the Badger blogging market.  Expect some cross blogging with the Gophers heading to Madison tomorrow to get a huge road win!  
  • In case you didn't know it the Timberwolves are red hot.  They are 5-1 in 2009 and their only loss was to the Heat when Dwyane Wade scored eight points in the final 4 min to take over the game.  Be sure to check out Canis Hoopus for your Wolves coverage.
  • For you fantasy freaks (me included) be sure to start preparing now for college fantasy football.  I joined a league this year and it was quite fun, be prepared to see a TDG sponsored league for me to dominate.
  • Even the Jamestown Sun is talking about the Gophers playing well on being on the rise.
  • This one may drive the conversation, the blog Kornheiser's Cartel ranks the Big Ten basketball programs and how they are poised for the future.  They inexplicably have the Gophers ranked 7th!  They are very young now and will be brining in a top 20 class again this year.  His reasoning is that Tubby is older and who knows where we'll be several years down the road, but trying to project 7+ years down the road is futile and I don't think the other programs were held to that standard.

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