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Where Will The Gophers Finish?

I sat down a couple hours ago intent on tapping in to my inner soothsayer to tell the TDG audience what will happen to the men's basketball team down the stretch. Then I realized I simply had no idea.

Part of me thinks the Northwestern loss was a good thing--a wake-up call to a young and inexperienced team. Another part of me knows this is a young and inexperienced team that is prone for long stretches of offensive ineptitude.

So, I open it up to all of you. How will this team finish? Where will the Gophers finish in the Big Ten? Will they make the NCAA Tournament? Or is this team destined for a collapse remindful of the football team.

For some help, here is the rest of the regular season schedule: Purdue, at Indiana, Illinois, at MSU, at OSU, Indiana, at Penn State, at Michigan, Northwestern, at Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan.