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Golden Nugz for 1.21.09

Someone will be your new offensive coordinator soon. It probably won't be that East Carolina assistant. He turned the Gophers down. So did others. Many others.

The latest hot name is Denver Broncos assistant Jedd Fisch. The Star Tribune has the rumors here. Buck Bravo has more here. By the time this publishes Wednesday morning, Fisch might well have admitted taking the job. Most didn't want it.

So, why is it so hard for a BCS level program that is presumably on the rise to hire an offensive coordinator?  I understand that we are not USC, Florida or even Notre Dame; all of whom could take their pick of offensive coordinators.  But this also is a Big Ten team.  We have been rebuffed by position coaches at other major programs who presumably would appreciate an opportunity to take the next step.  We have been turned down by offensive coordinators at non-BCS schools who presumably would love to take the reigns of an offense at a school with presumably more resources and presumably greater talent.

This is the list of candidates contacted, offered or interviewed...the position remains open.

  • Major Applewhite - Tex RB coach
  • Josh Huepel - OK QB coach
  • Dana Holgorsen - Hou Off Cord
  • Jeff Horton - St. Louis Rams special assistant
  • Gunter Brewer - OK St co-Off Cord
  • Todd Fitch - East Carolina Off Cord

So, what does Fisch know that these other guys don't? I guess it matters not. I'm sure he's tremendous.