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More on Jedd Fisch and late morning Nugz... has a brief interview with Fisch. There were some really interesting nuggets in the interview, primarily this... What style of offense are you hoping to install at the U?

JF: We are going to attack defenses. We are not going to commit to a two-back, or one-back, or shotgun, or under center formations. We are going to do what our players can do to get the ball into the hands of our playmakers. We are not going to be a fun-and-gun or a run-and-shoot or a west coast or even a spread offense. We are going to be a Gopher offense that goes for touchdowns and that will be our plan and our philosophy. How we do that will be determined as a coaching staff each week, based on our personnel and our opponents personnel.

So long to the spread and lets welcome the Gopher Attack Offense! After everything I have read on Fisch and quotes from plenty of players and coaches he has worked with, this is THE most exciting thing I have read. Let's put our playmakers in position to succeed but taking advantage of what the defense is giving us.

My biggest complaint with Dunbar was that he seemed unwililng to adjust. He often had very good game plans where the offense looked good on their first couple drives. Then the defense would adjust and we'd keep doing the same things.

The Attack Offense is what I am most looking forward to next season. I'm going out on a limb and predicting that Fisch will be this year's Roof. He'll have his unit show significant improvement and be given all the credit. Some deserved and some because he'll have a better offensive line (adding Caruful and Wills) and sophomores at WR (not freshmen).

Late Morning Nugz...

  • Andy Katz leads his blog with Gophers hoops.  "But more than anything, Minnesota needs to show that it can rebound from another Big Ten setback. The team can do that by, well, rebounding."  We have been better on the boards since the MSU game outrebounding or finishing even in all five games since the Spartans outrebounded us by 22.
  • Live Chat with Justin Cobbs.  Tonight during the Purdue game, he should be watching the Gophers.  Somebody needs to tell him about The Daily Gopher!
  • Sporting News is calling for an early signing period for football.  Brewster is quoted in the article.  Personally I like the idea.  It allows the coaches to focus on getting uncommitted players and working towards the next year.  It also forces kids to take their commitment seriously.
  • ESPN is the sporting world's Bible and they say Minnesota is the 33rd most prestigious football program in the country.  One spot ahead of Wisconsin and three spots behind Iowa.