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Golden Nugz for 1.23.09

Lots of news the last couple days, so check out the numerous fanposts to your right.

The highlights: Thank you Tramaine Brock! USC v. Minnesota in football. Kevin Payton in the doghouse. Northwestern upsets Michigan State. And the Gophers played Purdue (apologies, this was drafted before the game.

Oh, and we also have a new offensive coordinator. I have to admit I"m surprised so many of you like this hire. It's not what we were promised. It's no slam dunk. And how many people turned the program down? That says nothing to the talent of the new coordinator, but it might say something about the state of the program. Brewster has gone through 3 coordinators in 2 years. There are different reasons of course for the departures, but the lack of stability can't be enticing for coaching talent or recruits.

Jedd Fisch might be great. I hope he is. But this search process was abysmal.

That's all for now. I'll try to get a review up of the Purdue game something this afternoon in between meetings.