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Golden Nugz for 1.27.09

It's been awhile since we discussed Illinois' dominance over Minnesota. The last time any Minnesota fan wanted to talk about it was before the Big Ten Conference semis last year when, coming off that amazing win against Indiana, we thought the momentum was in Minnesota's corner.

It wasn't. Bruce Weber and the Illini beat Minnesota for the 20th straight time. Yes, 20. It's a streak that goes back to the days of Lon Kruger and Clem Haskins, writes Mark Tupper.

Tubby Smith didn't make much difference last year. A down Illini team went 3-0 against the Gophers. And now in 2009, Weber has his team playing very, very well. The Gophers need to hold down home court on Thursday.for their 2009 dreams, but also for a little pride. I really don't want to write that the Illini have beaten Minnesota for the 21st consecutive time.