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Billy Gillispie wants to help Jeannine Edwards improve...

I tuned into the Kentucky/Ole Miss game at the start of the second half and heard the announcing crew elude to the brief interview Jeannine Edwards did with Kentucky coach Billie Gillispie.  I knew the internet would come through for me...

I get that he didn't like the question but when your best player who averages nearly 26 points per game goes 0-6 in the first half, doesn't he also "get" that he's going to get asked about it?  She didn't say anything about the score being closer than it should have been or pose it as OMG what are you going to do if Meeks doesn't score.  It was a simple question of what adjustments are you going to make to counteract the defensive tactics of Ole Miss.

"...and that's really a bad question."

No, it wasn't a bad question.  In fact I'd bet my SBN salary that Coach Gillispie and his staff did in fact make adjustments in the second half which resulted in Meeks scoring 21 points in 20 minutes.

The irony here is the arrogance that Gillispie can critique how Ms. Edwards is doing her job.  Imagine if she would come out and ask Gillispie, "What were your halftime adjustments?  Frankly they were really bad."  Would he be OK with that?  Would that be a fair question?  Do he and the national TV media have that kind of an open relationship and raport to be honest with each other as they try to make each other better?

This may be why many (with the exception of Kentucky fans) think he is an arrogant prick.