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Golden Nuggets for 1.29.09

It's gameday, and since the Gophers are going to try and beat Illinois--a task most Gophers teams haven't been up to--I thought I'd open the floor to your guidance.

What do the Gophers need to do tonight? How should they slow Mike Tisdale and Mike Davis? What about Demetri McCamey? What offensive game plan (kind of an ironic question, I know) should the Gophers employ? Should they press full court? Zone? Man?

What do our armchair coaches have to say?

GN will be back with a preview of the game later today.

  • Should I continue to link to these things? The 'Bama Beat states that Tubby Smith is an "interesting" option to replace Mark Gottfried. Meanwhile the STrib reports that "people close to Smith" say chances are slim he'll bolt for Alabama. I read between the lines and see people pushing that to the STrib to kill rumors.
  • An Illinois paper previews the Gophers/Illini game and shockingly ..... takes the Illini have won 20 straight angle.
  • Billy Reed says Tubby Smith and Billy Gillispie are in the running for coach of the year honors. keep this type of banter in mind as you work through your depression because the Gophers have lost two of three.
  • The AP has a story on Blake Hoffarber's shooting woes. Tubby says no one has messed with Blake's shot.
  • This Gophers fan writes that if Tubby is going to leave Minnesota, he hopes it happens sooner rather than later, and that Flip Saunders take the helm. I'd like Flip if he had a stable of excellent recruiters to show him that side of the college game.
  • Unrelated in every way. Bart Simpson promoting scientology?