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Golden Nuggets for 01.06.09

I'm sitting here watching Ohio State try to give the Big Ten some of it's dignity back after a brutal bowl season.  Unfortunately a close loss is still a loss and a loss does nothing for the Big Ten's image.  For the record, Minnesota scored more on this Ohio State defense than any team on their schedule, except USC and Texas.  Come back tomorrow for more meaningless stats and useless analysis. 

Since it is still bowl season lets take a look at a few football related stories to start.

  • Incoming four-star, running back Hasan Lipscomb finished the season ranked as the #42nd best player in the state of Texas according to the Austin American Statesman.  This is up three spots from his #45 ranking to begin the season.
  • Although the Gophers lost out on a couple big recruits this past weekend, they did secure a four-star, JUCO cornerback.  Taikwon Paige committed to Brewster and staff.  Worst case he gets buried on the depth chart, best case he comes in and earns a starting spot (ala Tramain Brock or Traye Simmons), most likely he should provide depth to the secondary.
  • Maybe we jumpstarted another Big Twelve team to the top of their conference with an Insight Bowl loss. The Kansas City Star thinks the Jayhawks may be the early favorites in the Big 12 North for 2009 (don't tell that to Nebraska).
  • Penn State lost a huge game on January 1st as the Gopher women's basketball team beat Penn StateTake THAT BSD!!
  • Finally the most recent Bracketology has the Gopher hoops team up to a six seed facing Stanford in the West Region.  He also has Kentucky as an 11 seed in the Midwest Region.  What Mr. Lunardi is not recognizing here is that if the Gophers and Kentucky are anywhere near seeds that would play each other, expect that the committee will make that happen.