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So long Ted Roof

Ted_roof_mediumAn the hits keep coming for Gopher football today.  A couple sources are reporting that Ted Roof is leaving to be the defensive cordinator at Auburn. 

Roof has received a ton of credit for turning what was an embarrassing defense into something that was respectable.  Clearly he did receive an upgrade in talent at some key positions but you cannot deny that he had a hand in turning the defense around.

While I am somewhat concerned that we are losing Roof, what bothers me the most is that Brewster has gone through three cordinators in two seasons.  For various reasons guys are leaving at an alarming rate.  There absolutely has to be some consistency at these assistant positions and the next guys hired need a reason to stick around.

Let the searches begin for two vitally imporatant assistant coaching positions and keep an eye on how this affects recruiting in the last month before signing day.