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Golden Nuggets for 01.09.09 - MUST CLICKs

The internet is an interesting place full of interesting content.  Recently I have come across a few links that I thought were gems.  Many have very little to do with the Gophers but I strongly encourage you to spend part of your Friday clickng on each of these links.

  • The first was a blog post by a guy in Philadelphia who has the same writing style as Down With Goldy, not sure what style that is but I digress.  This is a very entertaining read.  A few buddies from Philly (West Phildalephia born and raised, do you suppose the play ground was where they spent most of their days?)...
    When arriving in Minneapolis, we ate at Applebee's because it was connected to the hotel. Here, we learned our first lesson of Minneapolis. They all talk like they do in Fargo. Minneysotah is the best way I can it in type. These people are also absurdly friendly. More on that later. Further, there is an abundance of skinny blondes running around. It was disorienting.
  • Does anybody remember Zach Puchtel?  He was the Maple Grove kid who went to play football at Harvard, then quit and transferred to Minnesota where he walked on to the basketball team.  The kid wasn't very good but he brought some toughness to the team and sparked a win over then #13 Indiana.  Anyway since then he has been playing basketball in Israel, has come out of the closet and has a blog.  This link is a bit more serious but it is interesting to read some of his entries. 
  • Back to something funny.  Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician is a Syracuse blog.  One of his recurring posts has been to point out "Gregisms" from former head coach, Greg Robinson's press conferences.  Since the firing of Robinson, Nunes Magician has been running a tournament to pick the greatest Gregism of all time.  The winner...
    "It can maybe snowball into something that can catch fire..."
    You can buy the winning quote on a T-shirt or a thong (of course).
  • Gregism_medium

  • I'll end with this.  The sweet blog, Mid-Major Majority has held a contest.  He asked his readers to create the best possible video of Stephen Curry set to Queen's "Flash."  Below is the winner.  It is very good and made both PJS and I come our readers are this creative and give us great material like this?  Oh well, at least we can all enjoy this.

    Stephen Curry is pretty amazing, I can't wait till the NCAA Tournament he'll either have another epic tournament or flame out quickly.  Both would be entertaining.