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Purdue @ Minnesota - Official Game Thread

We woke up to a light dusting of snow on the TCF turf and it is officially cold. Welcome to Gopher football OUTDOORS!

This is about as close to a must-win as we will see this year. Purdue is wallowing at the bottom of the Big Ten, we get them on our home turf, this is really more of a can't lose than a must-win! Beating Northwestern on the road and hopefully beating Purdue at home will at the very least (LOW STANDARDS ALERT) establish us as a mid-pack Big Ten team, rather than a bottom feeder.

What to watch for today?

  • Stop the run! I have been fooled into believe this run defense is decent, but nearly every team we have faced has gashed us in one way or another on the ground. You may be surprised to know that Purdue is 6th in the Big Ten in rushing offense. Don't let Bolden get going on the ground, put them in passing situations and then dominate the turnover battle.
    Be Efficient on Offense - the mulligan offense needs to go away today and start executing for four full quarters. Purdue gives up 400 yards and nearly 30 points per game, I expect to see us surpass both of those marks today and get the kinks out of this offense before next week

That's all I've got, get this second Big Ten win!