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Golden Nugz 10.19.09

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YAY the first BCS poll is out.  Boise State debuts at #4 in the initial ballot. Who here believes if Texas, Alabama and Florida lose while Boise finishes undefeated that the Broncos will get a shot at the BCS title?  I think two of those teams will have to lose twice and most of the teams behind them will have to lose once. Anyway here is the initial top 10.

  1. Florida
  2. Alabama
  3. Texas
  4. Boise State
  5. Cincinnati
  6. Iowa
  7. USC
  8. TCU
  9. LSU
  10. Miami (FL)

Here is the real question.  Would the BCS really "allow" a team like Iowa to play in the BCS title game?  I know Iowa fans will get bent out of shape on this one and the question would be just as valid if you replaced Iowa with Minnesota.  But really would a non-sexy, Big Ten team be "allowed" to play in the BCS title game?  Computer may say so but the coaches poll may not.  I think a one loss sexy team (Tex, USC, Flor, Bama) would get in ahead of a potentially undefeated Iowa team.  I hope I'm wrong.  I want a Boise vs. Iowa BCS title game!

Back to the Gophers.  Any grand thoughts of upsetting the Nittany Lions were dashed with our first three and out.

  • The Philadelphia Inquirer believes the Nittany Lion defense is impenetrable.  The Gopher offense did nothing to disprove that theory, not even on 4th and 1 from the one.

    When Minnesota mounted its only threat of the game, driving to the Penn State 1 early in the fourth quarter, Wallace and linebacker Navorro Bowman combined to stop Kevin Whaley on a sweep to the left on fourth down.

    "When they ran that toss, I saw it kind of late, so I tried to sprint to the pylon," Wallace said. "I just told myself, 'He's not going to get there before I will.' Navorro wrapped him up, and I hit him high so he wouldn't stretch over."

    In his post game press-conference Brewster still liked the call.  Decker was on the opposite side and they were using him as a decoy.  But I still question the call.  A Hoese quick-hitter or a Weber sneak would have been the better move in the opinion of this arm-chair quarterback.


  • The Star Tribune wasn't going to let the lack of officiating aptitude go.  Kent is accurate that they were questionable calls and what is the point if they aren't going to get them right but the offense still stunk.

  • Mark Craig brings up the QB question!  His story starts with a bang...

    Last Sunday, Gophers coach Tim Brewster dismissed suggestions that quarterback Adam Weber has struggled because of the team's decision to change the offense and modify his throwing motion.

    "That," Brewster said, "is a lot of people talking who don't know what they're talking about."

    Well, those people aren't going away anytime soon.
    Very true.  I am entrenched in the Weber camp, inserting anyone else on the roster will get us far less production than what we are getting.  The offensive problems are more than just Weber struggling.  Inserting someone with zero experience will only add to the current problems we are already facing.  
  • And a big thank you to Purdue for poking the bear and beating Ohio State.  
  • And Gopher hockey wasn't outstanding but they avoided a sweep.
  • This Irish message board has Seantrel inserted in his 2010 depth chart.
  • Lets look ahead to the Buckeye's by looking back on their thoughts from the Purdue loss.