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Daily Nugz - Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I haven't posted since Saturday. With the benefit of reflection, hindsight, and counsel, this is what I think of last Saturday's game in Happy Valley:


138 yards. 138 yards. Seriously? I realize that Penn State's defense has more "star rankings" than Minnesota's, and that the defense is well-coached and seasoned. But what has happened to the offense that attacks a defense's weaknesses? What in the world prevented Eric Decker from getting bubble screens and quick slants thrown his way? Where is a number two receiver, ANY number two receiver (Stoudermire, Green, CARPENTER, wake up)? And where is the improvement? The offense's ceiling, without opposition help, seems to be 3 TDs a game, and obviously the bottom fell out on Saturday. Not. Good.

A number for you Gopher fans to chew on in anticipation of this Saturday's trip to Columbus: 1.

That is how many losing streaks Jim Tressel has had since taking over Ohio State's program in 2001. (For the record, it was a 3-game losing streak in 2004 to Northwestern, Wisconsin, and Iowa). Brother me.


(1) Here is a report from the Gopher womens' basketball opening event this past Sunday.

(2) Another team that scored zero points (er, goals) this past weekend was the Gopher womens' soccer team, losing 1-0 to The Ohio State Buckeyes in Lauderdale.

(3) A new blog on SBN is BCS Evolution. Here is a post explaining the latest BCS standings, with additional information to lead you towards early January's title game.

(4) Looking backwards, here is Black Shoe Diaries' assessment of its offense from last Saturday.

(5) Looking forwards, here is some good information about Terrelle Pryor that Messrs. Cosgrove and Lee will undoubtedly be considering in crafting a game plan for this Saturday.