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Daily Nugs 10.21.2009

Only three links for today, but these three are worth rigorous debate:

I fail to see the logic that losing the Vikings to California wold be good for Gopher football.  Tickets may become more scarce, but the State as a whole would suffer.  Apparently, a commenter at this site disagrees:

Minnesota legislators I've heard ,seem to be saying "talk to us after the recession". California's problems are worse than ours, so it's hard to imagine government help to build a stadium in LA. Maybe they can do it without public money like New York did for the Yankees.
If the Vikings leave, I'm happy to turn my football attention to the Gophers. That's what people did before the Vikings arrived, and still do in many places. The Gophers already have a nice stadium. It doesn't seem like that bad of an option to me. I could satisfy my pro football urges watching the Packers or the Bears.

Adam Rittenberg at ESPN's Big Ten Blog gives his midseason report of the Gopher football season:

It has been a bit of a mixed bag so far for Minnesota, which continues to search for consistency from its offense to complement an improved defense. There's certainly a new buzz around the program as football returned to campus and outdoors for the first time since 1981. The Gophers opened the year with hard-fought wins against Syracuse and Air Force and stayed close with Cal until the fourth quarter. Since then, there have been good performances against both Northwestern and Purdue, a missed opportunity against Wisconsin and an anemic offensive showing in a 20-0 loss at Penn State.

The internet sensitivity police have found themselves a cause with Goldy Gopher's imitation of Jerome Hayes' public display of prayer and self-righteousness.  I will not offer an opinion on this debate, but with a resulting 20-0 shutout of Minnesota Hayes may be on to something:


What do you think?