All American Volleyball Player Leaves Team

Disclosure: I'm affiliated with Michigan, but I thought some of you might be interested.

For those of you who may or may not follow the volleyball team, they're rather good. They're ranked #9 in the country and 15-5 overall. They are in contention to knock Penn State off as the national juggernaut.

Well interesting news comes from the volleyball team today. All American outside hitter Brook Dieter quit the team today despite leading the team in kills. No one knows exactly what happened. Dieter didn't play Saturday against Northwestern, and many speculated that she just had a nagging injury. After the game, Coach Herbert told the media:

Usually the reason people play is because they’ve earned playing time and that’s what happened in this case.

That's pretty strange as Dieter lead the team in kills just the night before in the loss to Illinois. Team captain Lauren Gibbemeyer cited something that I think may be a bit more revealing, mentioning "personal reasons." This immediately made me suspect health, or particularly, pregnancy might be a reason.

Whatever it is, it's a huge loss for the Gopher's volleyball team, especially as they take on #11 Michigan and #1 Penn State in the next two weekends.

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