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Mideseason Update - Where are They Now?

I've updated my list of former Gophers who are currently playing college football.  The original post was quite popular, so I've updated the list and the notes of interest.  Any changes from the original post are highlighted with bold type:

Every college football program in America will lose players that either don't qualify for academic reasons, transfer, or leave the team for other reasons.  Minnesota is no exception.  Many of their names are never again heard after their departure.  Ever wonder which former Gophers could still be playing for the team, and whether or not they would have added depth to the current squad?  Following is a list of former Gophers, where they are now, and what kind of season they are having so far.  Click on their highlighted names to view their player profile pages on the websites of their current teams:

Name P School Yr. (if a Gopher) Notes
Otis Hudson OT Eastern Illinois Sr. 6'5 331 lb. Hudson is a starting right tackle
Alex Daniels DL Cincinnati Sr. 5.5 sacks and 33 tackles for the #5 ranked undefeated Bearcats
Tramaine Brock S Belhaven College Sr. 3 interceptions for 104 yards, 1.5 sacks and 33 tackles
E.J. Jones CB Illinois State Sr. Jones has 3 interceptions and 23 tackles
Hasan Lipscomb RB Blinn College Fr. Lipscomb is reported to be redshirting with a knee injury
Roszell Gayden OT College of the Sequioas So. A 4 star JUCO recruit, may still come back to Minnesota
Clint Brewster QB Tennessee Tech So. Hasn't played yet, but another backup QB with a few years in the program couldn't have hurt the Gophers
Brodrick Smith WR Kansas State So. Transfer year - will not play
Ralph Spry WR Auburn Jr. Transfer year - will not play
Tray Herndon WR Vanderbilt Jr. 1 reception for 17 yards this season
Vince Hill WR ? So. On the Temple squad last year, no longer on their online roster
Tim McGee DT Memphis Sr. 4 tackles and 1 sack for the Tigers
Willie Dyson DL NW Missouri St. Jr. No statistics this season
Justin Chatman CB North Texas Jr. No statistics this season
Tommy Becker LB St. Thomas Sr. Very good Division 3 linebacker
Curtis James OL St. Thomas Fr. Playing for St. Thomas in St. Paul, MN


I'll put together a similar post at the end of the season.  If I missed any players that are on other teams, let me know in the comments section.  My own take is that Minnesota could have benefitted from having Otis Hudson and Roszell Gayden as options at tackle, E.J. Jones and Tramaine Brock as additional defensive backs, Alex Daniels as a defensive end, and Clint Brewster as an experienced backup quarterback.  Reasons for player departures aside, what do you think?