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Monday's Daily Nugz - 10.26.09

Tim Brewster is not yet showing up on the popular Coaches Hot Seat website, but after a couple embarrassing losses to good teams it now appears to be open season on Tim Brewster.  The problem is less about losing to Penn State and Ohio State, is it also not so much about the 4-4 record.  The problem resides in the fact that this team is more talented and deeper than any we have seen in a while but there really are few signs of progress, if any.  I am a patient person and I think it is too early to make any decisions on Brewster (I'm not calling for his head).  But despite his recruiting classes and improved overall talent within the program, he needs to start showing more on the field of play.  Regardless of what it does to recruiting or not, a contract extension should not be discussed at this point (imo).

rough weekend to be a Gopher fan huh?