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Golden Nugs 10.28.2009

Down With Goldy gives a synopsis of the Gophers and their weekend performance:

Sadly, they will beat South Dakota State and either Michigan State or Illinois, win six games, and go to a crappy bowl and some fans will point to this as a successful season. At this point, the only way you could consider this successful is if they run the table, including a win over Iowa, or they win three games with MarQueis Gray at quarterback.

Golden Gopher Football Blog poses the question: What Now?:

Eric Decker was the only thing that was keeping Adam Weber afloat in this offense. A safety-valve in a sea of stunt blitzes, poor pass blocking and unimaginative play calling. Decker shone like a beacon of light in an offense of darkness for Adam Weber... now that light is gone.

Michigan State blog Jolly Green Giants previews the matchup with Minnesota:

Defensively the Gophers are last in rushing offense and that plays into MSU's strength. The passing game revolves around Weber throwing to Decker, much in the same way Cousins and White are a combination. Expect the weather to be a determining factor in the outcome of this game, with the team that is able to establish a running game and limit the turnovers, winning.

Another perspective on the upcoming game:

Minnesota converts their third downs less than 35% of the time, while Michigan State gets it done just over 41% of the time. That slim, but extremely BIG difference, can change a game within the blink of an eye. Third downs make or break drives, converting on third down is CRUCIAL.