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Wisconsin @ Minnesota - OFFICIAL GAME THREAD

Paulbunyanaxe_mediumThe Axe is back in play (or back up for grabs for you Survivor fans). The Gophers suffered a gut wrenching loss last year in Madison giving up a fourth quarter lead and failing to make a dramatic comeback on their final drive. They get the Badgers in their new home field, for the first time in decades the Gophers will have a home field advantage. Can they turn that into a victory?

Things to watch for...

  • Quarterback play - for both teams. Adam Weber has not been particularly sharp through four games and on the other side of the ball, Scott Tolzien has been one of the surprises of this early Big Ten season. Tolzien leads the second highest scoring offense in the conference, but will get his first taste of a Big Ten road game (or any road game for that matter). Weber needs to be efficient and not turn the ball over.
  • Gopher secondary - The Badgers are considered a power running team but don't sleep on the Wisconsin passing game which has been racking up significant yardage. I'm comfortable with our interior DL and our linebackers, it is the secondary that concerns me today.
  • Badger rush defense - statistically the Badgers are worse at defending the rush than Northwestern. Can the Gopher establish a power ground game again? Typically Brewster goes back to the air for home games, but after last week can they continue the trend of pounding teams on the ground before opening up the can of Decker?

I can't wait to see the Gophers carry the Axe around TCF, get pictures my friends and share with TDG's community.