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Daily Nugz - Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Onward and upward. Quick bullet points today:

(1) I realize this isn't an Alabama sports blog, but I've never heard Tim Brewster ever talk about the X's and O's of football on his radio show, and even if he did it would probably devolve to PLAY FIGHT WIN. So, read Nick Saban's unbelievable answer to a caller in to his radio show as to how to play defensive back. Seriously. That is one smart guy. No wonder his teams get better so quickly.

(2) Hey, Gopher Hockey starts in earnest in under two weeks. The team won an exhibition game against British Columbia on Sunday. TDG's preview hits your eyes next week.

(3) Have you heard of Tubby Smith? Attend Tubby's Tip-Off on Friday, October 16th. It's free! The Gophers are guaranteed to win!!

(4) The football team has picked up another verbal commitment for the class of 2010: Florida CB Jabari Price. He stands 5-11 and weighs 175 lbs. He had already visited Purdue and planned to visit North Carolina. Other offers came from Kansas State and Louisville. Again, take notice: no interest from any in-state school, and no verifiable interest from any other top-20 program (if there were, it'd be in his interest to trumpet said interest). He also claims a 4.0 GPA and a 20 on his ACT. He is considered a 3 star prospect at both major recruiting services.

As long as you trust the coaches to develop players, this is a decent catch for the Gophers. Expect him to redshirt and then compete for time opposite Michael Carter starting in 2011. If you see him in 2010, cover your eyes.

(5) Another blogger's experiences during the game on Saturday.