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Erin Andrews a Candidate for Head Coach

If the Gopher football team loses versus South Dakota State on Saturday, there will inevitably be an emotional tidal wave of irrational exuberance demanding a new head coach.  After giving current head coach Tim Brewster only two recruiting classes to turn the entire program around and with two failed coaches preceding him, finding a new head coach would be a tough chore.  If in fact a search for a new head coach is to commence, there is but one candidate who could turn the Minnesota program into a BCS contender within one or two years: Erin Andrews



The case-in-point is only half comical, because while it is a farce the argument has credence:

  1. The Gophers would receive national television exposure on a weekly basis.  With Erin Andrews as head coach, there would probably be a few nationally broadcast games each season on major television networks.  It's all about ratings, right?  Also, sports newscasters around the country would give Minnesota frequent coverage.  Newspapers, magazines, and blogs would all become instant experts on the University of Minnesota.
  2. Talented recruits would commit to Minnesota.  Inevitably, there would be a certain percentage of five and four star recruits who would commit to a team that is frequently on television, plays in a major city, has one of the nicest stadiums in the country, and...oh...what recruit could say no to Erin Andrews?
  3. Talented coordinators would come to Minnesota.  National television exposure, talented players, a chance to be a part of history, and an opportunity to work for Erin Andrews.  In fact, Minnesota could probably land enough talented coordinators and assistants to take care of the coaching.  Erin Andrews appears to know the basics of the game of football in her interviews, but instead could focus on recruiting and public relations while the top tier coordinators and assistants take care of the rest.
  4. Ticket sales would skyrocket.  Literally, TCF Bank Stadium would be the hottest ticket in town.
  5. Merchandise sales would skyrocket.  Maroon and gold apparel would be a nationwide sensation.  The University could generate millions (if not tens of millions) in revenue from apparel licensing alone.
  6. Minnesota would make history.  What other hiring decision could possibly top the hiring of Erin Andrews as the first female head coach of a Division IA program?  100 years from now it would still be a college football first and a trivia fact known by the masses.

Ridiculous? Yes.  Am I Serious?  Of course not.  But then again, it just might work.