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Daily Nugs 11.19.2009

This weekend's game versus Iowa would have been much more exciting had Iowa not lost their last two games.  An undefeated Iowa team taking on an unpredictable Minnesota team would have had national coverage.  Instead of watching Iowa play for an undefeated season, the game is probably only going to be of interest for steadfast Gopher and Hawkeye fans.  Both teams claim to have goals that include future Rose Bowl wins, but the reality is that Minnesota has not won the Rose Bowl since 1962 and Iowa has not won it since 1959.

An Iowa blog has an article about Hate Week, and proceeds to list the lack of success from Minnesota's professional sports teams as a reason to love living in Iowa.  Donald Trump may only have a 727 and not a 747, but that doesn't make me feel superior when I have no airplane at all.

So you're saying there's a chance?  Apparently Seantrel Henderson is visiting Iowa this weekend:

We have two big prospects visiting this weekend in #1 overall ranked prospect OL Seantrel Henderson and #5 ranked TE C.J. Fiedorowicz. I think CJ will commit to the Hawks but I give Seantrel a 5% chance...

Minnesota's basketball squad looks fantastic, and freshman Rodney Williams is quickly becoming a star.  Originally he was projected to be a high-flying dunker in need of development for the other areas of his game.  He is a high-flying dunker, but he can also do much more.  Williams may be one of the best players I've ever seen take the floor as a freshman for the Gophers.  His 17 points last night is likely just a foreshadowing of future stardom:

So much for just being a dunker. Williams has been a surprise three-point threat, a shot blocker, a full-court defender and arguably Minnesota's best player off the bench.