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Game Thread - Minnesota at Iowa, November 21, 2009

Screw that negativity. Minnesota is going to take back the PIG. We've got that beautiful trophy case in TCF Bank Stadium and IT NEEDS SWINE.

Here are a couple keys to the game today:

(1) If Iowa is getting to Adam Weber without having to blitz, Minnesota's offense is in trouble.

(2) If Iowa QB Vandenberg throws a couple interceptions (Iowa has 11 TOs the past three games), Minnesota has to capitalize on the mistakes and turn them into points.

(3) Watch Iowa WRs Marvin McNutt and Derrell Johnson-Koulianos against the Gophers secondary. Simmons and Sherels are a little bit nicked up, and McNutt has a decided height (6'5") and speed advantage over Simmons and Carter. The MN safeties have to provide support and pick up the run fakes quickly and accurately in order to stop the Herkeye running attack.

Thanks for coming here all year to chat. Let's not let this descend into WEBER HATE DAY. Remember: THIS IS HERKEYE HATE WEEK. Focus your antipathy on the enemy - there is plenty of time for navel-gazing, starting tomorrow.