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Golden Nugz - rainy days and Monday's 11.23.09

Regular season is over.  We haven't scored on Iowa in eight quarters.  6-6 is the record.  The Insight Bowl is the likely destination.

Where do things stand with Brewster and his contract situation?  Things are not as clear as they maybe should be.  Marcus Fuller reports the Joel Maturi was very vague about Brewster's contract status.  At this point I'll be shocked if he gets an extension and I would agree whole-heartedly with that decision.  But Fuller was hinting that Brewster's job may be in jeopardy and I'm not on board with that one yet. 

Maturi said earlier this season that Brewster would likely be back next year. When asked about that again after Saturday's game, Maturi said, "Brewster has two years left on his contract at this time."

A contract extension for Brewster, who signed a five-year deal in 2007, might now seem unlikely. But Maturi wouldn't confirm that.

"It doesn't mean I haven't already made up my mind," he said.

My guess is that he'll be back next year but told he'll need to work for that contract extension.  He is still under contract for two years and this will make recruiting a bit more difficult but start winning and winning games you maybe shouldn't.  Then the contract and recruiting will take care of itself.

All in all the season played about about as expected.  Everyone assumed it would be about a 6-6 or maybe 7-5 season.  We all expected wins over Syracuse, SDSU, Air Force and Purdue.  Everyone assumed we would lose to Iowa, PSU, OSU and Cal, which happened.  NU, Wis, MSU and even Ill would end up being games that could go either way and they were.  We'll wrap up the season in greater detail later but let's get to the Nugz.

  • The offense is really taking a beating today in the media and they should.  But clearly the blame needs to be placed at the feet of Brewster.  And Garret Brown refrained from calling out the offense but yet he pretty much called out the offense.
    "We did everything we had to do," Brown said of the defense, which recorded four sacks and held Iowa to 171 total yards and 1 for 13 on third-down conversions. "As a full team, we couldn't get it done."
  • Brewster won the infamous Dummy of the Day award.
  • Finally, even Sid is piling on the offense.
  • The Gopher women's basketball team hosted and won the Subway Classic this past weekend.  87-78 over Colorado in the championship game sealed the deal.  The women are 3-1 on the season.
  • Seantrel Henderson is one of six finalists for the US Army High School Player of the Year.  Doubtful he'll be a Gopher but he's still one of us and congratulations to the young man.