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Golden Nugz gives thanks

I started this yesterday, but if you are reading this you are required to comment below giving us three things that you are thankful for.

Andy Katz had an article on the Gopher's White/Mbakwe/Bostick situations.  Basically it comes down to this (according to Katz).

  • Bostick will return for the Miami game.
  • Mbakwe could be back soon as they expect the case will be dropped
  • White's situation is a bit touchier and Tubby is making the decision if White will remain with the program.

"He's dealing with some things emotionally and mentally,'' Smith said. "But shoplifting, you can't get around that one. Royce is going through a legal situation with shoplifting. I'll make a decision if he's going to be a part of this program or not.''

That does not sound good for White, hopefully he gets things straightened out.  This is more than just basketball, he needs to get his life figured out and then hopefully he'll be able to help out Gopher hoops.