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Daily Nugs 12.11.2009

Ndamukong Suh cleaned up at the 2009 awards ceremony:Texas quarterback Colt McCoy is convinced Suh deserved Heisman consideration.

"He's racking up the awards, which he deserves," McCoy said. "He's a great football player. Thank goodness I don't have to see him again ... on the field."

Ohio State is building confidence that they will land offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson.

Tom Powers at the Pioneer Press discusses the coaching changes associated with the Insight Bowl:

No doubt it's a coincidence that every time the Gophers play in the Insight Bowl something bad happens to a coach. On the surface, it appears as if this particular game is a wrecking ball of bad luck when it comes to coaches' careers.

The Rivalry Esq. also discusses the Insight Bowl:

In the three year history of the Big Ten v Big 12 match-up in the Insight Bowl, the Big Ten is 0-3, with Minnesota accounting for two of those losses (2006 v Texas Tech, 2008 v Kansas). The other was an Indiana loss in 2007 to Oklahoma State.

The reality of the situation is that, outside of the first two and a half quarters of the 2006 Minnesota v Texas Tech Insight Bowl, the Big Ten has not been competitive in this game.