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Daily Nugz - Wednesday, December 16, 2009.

When I was younger, I played high school basketball. When my coach was mad at the way I played, he'd yell at me and say I was playing defense like a wet noodle. However, he never "allegedly" struck me during halftime

However, one of those years in high school, I got a pretty cool gift for Christmas: a Fossil watch. I rolled through watches quite often in those days, but I kept that one for quite a while, and heck, I didn't even need to go to Arizona to get it (see: Insight Bowl gifts).

I wasn't the smartest kid in high school, but I did enough to get by and eventually go to college at a Big Ten school. And, I never had my ability to learn in college manipulated by the university.

While at school, I played a lot of pickup basketball at the Rec Center. I would sometimes play against real basketball players, like Ryan Wolf and Bobby Jackson. However, I never shot as well as Blake Hoffarber did last night.

I was also tall enough to play volleyball, but I never tried out. I'm not a woman, but check out the preview for tomorrow's beatdown of the Longhorns.