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Daily Nugz takes on the Challenge - 12.2.09

Yesterday I gave my B10/ACC Challenge predictions, so far I'm batting 1.000.  Fortunately, I had the advantage of posting after the Talor Battle Penn St vs. Virginia game (I would have picked Virginia).

Here are a handful of other predictions for the Challenge.

  • Buckey's 5th Quarter predicts another ACC win 7-4.  At least he picked the Gophers.
  • Hail to the Orange doesn't predict but he has opinions on the annual referendum on the quality of the Big Ten that only reaffirms preexisting opinions the Challenge.
  • College Hoops Journal also sees an ACC win also with a convincing 7-4 margin.  Also predicts a Gopher win.
  • Seth Davis is also going with the ACC 6-5.  He's also picking Miami over the Gophers.
  • This from my SBN cousin, Carolina March believes that Tom Izzo has lost his number.  He then accuses Roy Williams of taking it because clearly UNC has his number.  I would argue that he just has the WRONG number, he actually has Tubby's number.  If we can just give them all back, I'd be pretty happy.