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Golden Nugz 12.27.09 - I'm sure you've already heard...

I'm sure you have heard about Brewster's potential contract extension. Joel Maturi announced on WCCO yesterday morning that he would in fact be offering Brew a contract extension.

Maturi, who was on the WCCO 830 Sports Huddle radio show today, said Brewster's agent had to meet with attorneys from the university to work out the details. Maturi said the extension would be offered after the New Year. He didn't say how long the extension would be.

I think that most of Gopher Nation agrees that Brewster hasn't exactly earned an extension, but in the current world of college football recruiting an extension is a necessary evil to get recruits to commit.  Clearly if he doesn't win, he will be let go.  But the hope is that the extension doesn't put the U on the hook for more than it should be in a case where the current coach is 14-23 and 0-fer in any meaningful rivalry game.  He has increased the talent level on the team, he has raised expectations and he has raised the strength of the schedule.  All of which are good things but it is time to win and I get the feeling all parties involved grasp this concept.


  • I'm sure you have heard that it is official.  Tim Dandridge has been dismissed from the team. This from the U's Athletic Communications Dept.
    University of Minnesota head football coach Tim Brewster announced today that sophomore defensive back Tim Dandridge has been dismissed from the Gopher football team for a violation of team rules and policies.

    No details as to why but he is no longer on the roster.  I'm not sure how much this will affect actual play on the field.  He wasn't likely to start but would have added depth.  Ultimately IF he was a distraction to the team I have no problem with the dismissal.
  • Of course you've also heard that Urban Meyer resigned took a leave of absence.  It didn't take long for Ohio State or Notre Dame to wonder how this affects key recruiting battles (including Seantrel Henderson).
  • I'm sure you knew that the Gophers are facing Iowa State on Thursday in the Insight Bowl.  The Cyclones are having a good time in Tempe.
  • The Gophers are there as well and here is Tim Brewster's initial press conference.
  • Finally, Rittenberg ponders whether or not this game will determine the ultimate success of the Gopher season.  Once again, I'm sure most of us have already thought about this and the answer is YES.  It absolutely will define this season.  A 6-7 finish after not being remotely competitive against their quality opponents and losing all rivalry games again is not going to be defined as a successful season.  7-6 can be viewed with some positivity after a schedule that included Cal and missing the 10th and 11th place teams in the conference.