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The Gophers thank the Badgers and are sorry

The Big Ten's best shot at winning the Big Ten / ACC Challenge nearly came and went.  The war was assumed lost when the Gophers dropped a very disappointing game down in Miami.  Ohio State and Purdue did their part.  Northwestern and Penn State provided a couple surprising wins.  Even Illinois won in dramatic fashion at Clemson. 

After the Gophers provided the Big Ten's most disappointing loss, nobody expected the Badgers to upset a Duke team that is already looking like a Final Four team.  This would mean yet another ACC win in the Challenge. Fortunately Wisconsin picked up the slack.  Trevon Hughes and Jon Leuer combined for half of the Badger's shots and nearly 60% of their points as the Badgers held on late to beat Duke.  This marks the first time Duke has lost in the Challenge and the first time the Big Ten has collectively won.

The good news is that the Big Ten won, the bad news is that the Gophers are sorry.

Sorry for nearly blowing our chance to be 1-10 in the Challenge, sorry for not playing any defense, sorry for not rebounding, sorry for not having a zone offense, sorry for not having a man-to-man offense, sorry for turning the ball over so much and sorry for not making free throws and sorry for just plain being sorry.

This team is not on track and I never thought I would be so grateful for a series of patsies on the schedule.  We need to get things figured out before Big Ten play gets here because there will be no room for error at that point