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Suggested New Year's Resolutions for the Gophers Basketball Team

I hope everyone here has a tremendous new years eve and a healthy and prosperous 2010. And since our beloved rodents are surely preparing to face the Iowa Hawkeyes this weekend and are thus too busy to waste time thinking about their new year's resolutions, I thought I'd offer some suggestions for the members of the men's basketball team.

Coach Tubby Smith: No doubt about it, Tubby has turned the Gophers basketball program around. Not that long ago the Gophers were perennial bottom-feeders in the Big Ten. No longer. The Gophers are competitive. And Tubby displayed again the other night the type of class he has. With Clem Haskins sheepishly sitting in his seat as his 1989-90 team was honored, Tubby made sure Haskins was able to participate in the celebration. Classy move from Tubby.

All that said, Coach Smith needs a New Years resolution like everyone else. My suggestion is he install a simple offense for the Gophers to run against 2-3 zones because whatever they're using now ..... yeah, that's not working so well.

Lawrence Westbrook: To sleep one hour the night before every game and spend every game-day in the gym visualizing making shots and not eating. That seemed to work Tuesday night.

Damian Johnson: To play with the same confidence and feel on offense as he does on defense. Damian has grown as a player each and every year and he has the tools now to be a difference maker on offense and defense. He just seems to lack the same confidence on offense as he has on defense.

Ralph Sampson III: To smile and love the game. Forget all the comparisons to family members that members of the media keep bringing up because they can't think of other story lines and just play ball.

Royce White: To take a deep breath. Life sometimes throws curveballs. Don't take hasty action borne out of frustration. You can still be a great Golden Gopher. It's clear your teammates are sticking with you and Coach Smith hasn't thrown you under the bus. Keep your head up and get ready to play ball again.

Devoe Joseph: To tell your brother each and everyday about how awesome Dinkytown is. Make sure his girlfriend or best pals attend the U. Also to become a shut-down defender. That's the sure way to more playing time.

Al Nolen: To keep shooting that open outside three. You're not going to shoot the percentage Blake Hoffarber does, but you can hit that shot and it's going to open up those driving lanes.

Rodney Williams: This kid is going to be a stud in the Big Ten at some point. For now, he can let the game come to him and let his natural athleticism, length and ability take what's given to him.

Blake Hoffarber: To spend time with the other guards and teach them how to throw good entry passes. Also, just keep shooting.

Trevor Mbakwe: Hire a new lawyer to try and expedite this legal process.

Gophers fans at Williams Arena: When the team decides to have a "gold out," please wear gold.

Goldy: To spin your head more often.

Any other suggestions?