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Golden Gophers vs. Cyclones in the Insight Bowl - GAME THREAD


This is a battle of arguably the most feared and destructive college mascot vs. one that is arguably the meekest and is actually prey. Can a Gopher survive a Cyclone? Absolutely, and today they may prove that they can overpower and defeat one.

Key Matchups...

1 - Gopher front seven vs. Iowa State run game

Slow down RB-Alexander Robinson and contain QB-Austen Arnaud and I think the Iowa State offense grinds to a halt. Robinson is elusive and reads his blocks very well but we've faced better running teams and I like our DL/LB groups in this game.

2 - Adam Weber vs. Iowa State pass defense

The Cyclone are down a starting corner and they were already the 9th worst pass defense in the Big 12. Adam Weber has to be on his game. I believe receivers will be open and I believe he'll have more time than he's used to having considering Iowa State has just 14 sacks on the year. Weber is capable of hitting his receivers, he just has to actually do it.

3 - Jedd Fisch vs. Jedd Fisch

Given a few weeks to prepare and get his offense on the same page, Fisch needs to show he can craft a game plan to win this game. Kent Youngblood talks here about his feeling that Fisch will have his offense ready with a good plan.

I believe offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch will have a scheme in place that everybody knows very well and is comfortable with. I think the receivers and Weber and/or/ MarQueis Gray will be on the same page more often than not.

2009 was an adjustment for Fisch, I'm hopeful he'll have a great plan for tonight and our offense will make great strides in 2010.

Ultimately I think the Gophers are going to win and win big today. I'm just not convinced that Iowa State is all that good. Their schedule was far easier than Minnesota's, statistically they rank in the bottom three of the Big 12 in nearly all significant categories, and I think we just have a better collection of talent. I could be very wrong and I'm underestimating Iowa State, but I just don't see it.

Random GN predictions...

  • Big Play Traye Simmons has a big game. I see a pick or two in his future.
  • MarQueis Gray gets the ball (not as QB) on the first offensive play of the game
  • Adam Weber throws for 300+ yards, Brandon Green gets the most receiving yards, Nick Tow-Arnett gets the most receptions.
  • Nate Tripllet and Lee Campbell have the most tackles and play great in their final game as Gophers.
  • Minnesota wins 31-10

What say you?


Insight Bowl, what's the outcome?

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    Iowa State wins
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  • 19%
    Gophers win a close one
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  • 8%
    Gophers dominate
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