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Daily Nugs 12.8.2009

Ohio State boards are excited about their prospects at landing several players including Seantrel Henderson at this link, yet raise the issue that Jim "Sweater-Vest" Tressel may be on the hot seat:

I really think Minnesota is still in the hunt here...Brewster absolutely needs this kid and I don't see them going down quietly. Whoever ends up at ND will obviously make Seantrel a priority as well. I think USC is too far away. Lots of positives for OSU but I've seen this movie before and it doesn't seem to end well for JT more often than not.

Iowa fans are drooling over a rumor that Henderson may be considering the Hawkeyes as a top choice at this link. Iowa has a good football team, but probably hit the pinnacle of their success this season. It would be very interesting if Henderson went to Iowa and became to Minnesota what Brett Favre is to Wisconsin, but I would be very surprised to see him end up down there.

Down With Goldy previews tonight's matchup with Morgan State on the basketball court.

Four Star running back Josh Huff has decommitted from the Gophers to attend TCU. TCU is having a great season, but there are a few reasons to seriously question this decision: their head coach will probably leave soon for a higher profile job, they are historically only the 4th best team (over the last decade) in Texas, and they don't even have a blog that I can link to!